Global Community

Welcome to our Global Community for post covid 19 syndrome patients. Here you will find information on what's happening in different countries around the Globe. We stand united in the face of this pandemic and disease.

Our Global Ambassadors will keep us updated as to whats happening in each country. By sharing our findings it will enable patients, medics and researchers in each country to develop treatment plans and future research. If you would like to be a Global Ambassador for your country, please email Lou at

Language support is available. Use google translate in the first instance to contact us. We will help find you a native speaker.


Representative – Maria Mestre

O Long covid apresenta diferentes sintomas ao longo da trajectória da doença. Os cientistas estão de momento a estudar as suas consequências e a forma com que afecta diversos sistemas do organismo. Estamos todos juntos a tentar compreender esta trajectória e a reabilitação necessária. Se precisar de ajuda disponha.

Long Covid has different symptoms that develop during the trajectory of the disease.  The scientists are studding its consequences and how it affects the body. We are all trying to understand this trajectory and the required rehabilitation. If you need any assistance please let me know.

Best wishes Maria Mestre


Representative – Louise Barnes

Louise speaks fluent french and is able to translate or assist you in the francophone translations.

Louise est un francophile et peux faire traduction ou donne assistance avec traductions francophone.Nous avons plusieurs patients dans le groupe qui habitent au France ou sont francophones et qui souffre du covid persistente. Ne hesitez pas de demander mon main. Je vous souhaite une bonne journee et un vite retablissement.


Paula Turk

Paula is Bilingual in Italian and English having lived and studied in Italy until adulthood, and has worked as a translator and interpreter.  Paula is the Italian representative for Long Covid, and is willing to assist any one affected by Long Covid understanding firsthand the many disabling components that this illness brings.

Paula è bilingue in Italiano e Inglese, avendo vissuto, lavorato e studiato a Milano.  Paula ha lavorato come interprete e traditrice sia in Italia che Inghilterra.

Paula è la rappresentanza per l’Italia per Covid Persistente ed e disponibile ad assistere chi ne abbia bisogno,  comprende di prima persona le multiple disabilità che questa malattia presenta.


Representative – Louise Barnes ルイーズ

Louise speaks a reasonable amount of Japanese and can help you with translations. Louise has done extensive work presenting post covid syndrome to the Japanese Media since June 2020 and has appeared no less than 7 times on Japanese tv networks presenting hair loss and other effects of post covid infection.