Global Organisations

We have been forging links with various organisations around the World that are involved in post covid syndrome work. Here you can find some links to their work which is of relevance to patients and researchers.

The idea of starting to forge partnerships is crucial in synthesising all the work that is being done by individuals and institutes globally. As we start to see numerous other illnesses, it is imperative that we start to work together sharing knowledge. Here are some of the organisations we have been posting links to and some of them we have worked with already and others we hope to in the future.

NOTE: No organisation here endorses anything we post and vice versa. 

The European Lung Foundation

Members from this group have worked with the European Lung Foundation to provide a patient perspective on living with long COVID

The British Lung Foundation

Numerous patients from this Group have been involved in providing a patient perspective to the BLF.  We also have someone who sits on the Patient Advisory Group for the BLF.  The BLF have a partnership with Asthma UK and provide a hub for those suffering post covid syndrome and lung disease. You can enter the hub here

The ME Association

MEResearch UK

The Sepsis Trust, UK

The British Heart Foundation, UK

The British Heart Foundation recommend their ‘Heart Matters’ series in relation to covid and long covid. You can find some on their website here:

Dysautonomia International

The Brain Charity