Photo bank

Chronic Long Covid have been the only patient group to document the illness and since the beginning. As part of this cataloguing of effects of a new disease we asked patients to document their illness both in paper form and in photographs.

The patients have agreed to share their personal injuries/ailments here and in the press for the benefit of the science community, practitioners, researchers as well as other patients. We are grateful to them for sharing their personal photographs. Sharing is helping. These photographs are for the purposes of providing an illustration of the extent of post covid syndrome (long covid) for informing the medical community. To use these photographs for media purposes please complete our media enquiry form.


The British Dermatological Association have put together a skin manifestations gallery

The Journal of the Association for American Dermatologists have put this together

JAMA Skin rashes has produced this:

Marlin has proposed this chart


Face Rashes.                                     Red blotchy skin


Leg Rashes


Red marks on arms



Leg Bruising/discolouration


3 weeks hair loss.                         thinning and progression.    keratin structures growing


Chest/Breast Rash

Chin rashes/facial swellings


Tongue manifestations